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I sure do love a good fish taco. While most fish tacos I grab are battered and fried (usually with a nice piece of cod), I found making fish tacos at home to be much easier than I anticipated. Because the fish I made for this recipe doesn’t involve breading a fish fillet, you can save major calories and bulk up on some delicious toppings instead.
For this recipe, I ended up buying frozen tilapia at the grocery store. Although I’m a huge fan of fresh fish, finding it at a decent price within my budget can be difficult, which is why I buy it frozen. I defrosted the fillets before marinating them, and cooked them in a glass casserole dish.
Now fish shouldn’t be that smelly, and if it is, you should not eat it. However, sometimes fish can start to smell while it is being cooked. But don’t worry, there’s an easy way to cook fish without making your whole house smell.
If you’re not a fan of tilapia, you can always make a similar recipe using shrimp! Try this shrimp taco recipe, which is made with pickled onions. However, if you would prefer the toppings below, they should still taste delicious with some roasted shrimp.

1 pound tilapia (about 2 fillets), thawed
1 tablespoon taco seasoning
1/4 cup olive oil
1 avocado
shredded cabbage
queso fresco
pico de gallo
limes, cut in quarters

Queso fresco is a mild cheese, so if you would prefer a cheese that’s a bit more potent, use cotija!
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