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The beginning of AYUSH is usually made to manage and operate ancient systems of medicine. It usually consists of 7 ancient methods of treatment, which include the following:

  1. Ayurveda: Ayurveda is known as one of the world’s most ancient systems of medicine and is said to have been in use in the Indian subcontinent for almost 3000 years.
  2. Yoga is not a medical system but a practice and discipline system which impacts physical and mental health. It was born in ancient India and is practised worldwide today.
  3. Unani is in those systems of medicine which have had the same effect from ancient times to the present. Unani medicine is based on the theory that critical elements such as fire, air, water, and earth play an essential role in stabilizing a person’s health.
  4. Siddha: This ancient system of medicine was also born in India, and many of its rules match with Ayurveda. According to the practitioners of Siddha medicine, Siddha medicine is more ancient than Ayurveda, and even today Siddha system of medicine is being used in South India.
  5. Homoeopathy: Homeopathy is not as ancient as Ayurveda and Siddha; hence, its medicines use many synthetic substances and chemicals along with plants.
  6. Naturopathy is also an ancient medical system, still used in many parts of the world today. The roots of naturopathy have been seen in Germany and Europe in the 16th to 17th centuries. Naturopathy is based on the body’s self-shaking (being healthy yourself) technique.
  7. Sowa-Rigpa is also one of the most ancient systems of medicine, and there is very little accurate information about it. It is also known as traditional Tibetan medicine, and even today, this method is practised in Tibet, India, Nepal, China and many surrounding countries.

All the medical methods have their system, and the practice of treating them and the material used as medicine is also different. But it has been seen that some of the techniques and systems of many ancient systems of medicine are pretty similar. But allopathy is entirely different from all these ancient systems of medicine. Therefore, Allopathy is also called the modern medical system and is the most advanced and the newest medical practice.
However, the main argument of Ayush critics is the lack of scientific evidence in AYUSH. For this reason, many scientists and other departments associated with modern medicine systems consider many ancient systems of medicine, including homoeopathy, to be pseudoscience (not to be natural science) and dismiss it as an imitation. At the same time, AYUSH’s positive result is also considered a placebo effect. For example, severe side effects have been observed from BGR-34 and IME-9 medicines offered by AYUSH for diabetes. In these, the blood glucose level of the person sometimes increases severely. At the same time, the monthly cost of this drug has also been assessed more than the modern medicine system’s drug Metformin.
The allopathic medical system is based on more research and better treatment techniques than all other medical systems. Therefore, the medicines prepared under allopathy are based on research and testing at different levels. At the same time, the dose of the drug is also determined, while many times, the dose of the ancient medical systems becomes less high, and the risk of side effects increases.
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