Barcelona will reportedly host EuroLeague Final Four 2025 / News … –


Barcelona is expected to host the EuroLeague Final Four in 2025.
The EuroLeague Final Four 2025 is set to be hosted in Barcelona, Marc Mundet reports.
According to the report, the framework agreement is already completed, and only the signatures are left. The local government also gave a green light to the project.
It’s not yet been reported in which venue the EuroLeague Final Four would be hosted, but in reports back in 2021, the expectation was that the New Palau Blaugrana project would be finished in 2025.
The renewed Camp Nou complex would include a hotel, a multi-sports pavilion, and a training center.
420 million euros would be directed towards building a new arena. The New Palau Blaugrana would have a maximum capacity of 12,500 spectators. Basketball games will invite up to 10,000 fans in the arena.
It’s already been confirmed that the EuroLeague Final Four 2024 will take place in Berlin, Germany.


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