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Creme De La Crumb
Super easy, crispy oven-baked BEST ever potato wedges with a savory-seasoned outside and fluffy inside, served with the most amazing two-ingredient sauce!
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So, there I was, standing inside my pantry door, having a staring contest with a bag of red potatoes. I had been doing this off and on for the past couple of days, trying to think of the best preparation for them. Finally, it hit me: Why overthink this, when I know often that simpler is better? Plus, I needed a great complementary side for the grilled BBQ pork chops we were having for dinner.
So, I grabbed the potatoes and went to work. These easy potato wedges were done in 40 minutes, and easy to pop in the oven while I went outside to tend to the pork chops. 
Red potatoes — While you can use any potato you want for these oven baked potato wedges, I have found that red potatoes work best. They are just the right size to cut down into 8 edges per potato (or more for those unusually big ones you sometimes get in your bag). Plus, they are super tender on the inside with a thin skin that crisps easily. 
Simple dipping sauce — Dipping sauces don’t get any easier than two ingredients! While some might say ketchup and mayo mixed together is the best sauce, I would say that mayo and barbecue sauce is where it’s at! It’s the perfect sauce for these baked potato wedges — trust me! 
Dry potatoes — Okay I don’t mean you find potatoes that are dry, I mean, you should make sure they aren’t too wet after cutting and before baking. This ensures a crispy outside. More on how to achieve that in my “tips” below. 
Simple ingredients — I’ve mentioned the TWO ingredient sauce, but the potatoes themselves are also super easy to season too with simple spices like onion powder, garlic powder, paprika, salt, and pepper.
If you’re on the hunt for red potatoes but don’t see any at your grocery store simply called “red potatoes” that’s because they may go by another name. They are often referred to as new potatoes because of their size. Or you may see them referred to as red bliss potatoes. Any way you see them named, you’ll know to grab a bag so long as they are small, red (sometimes reddish-brown), and they have a very crisp, white flesh when cut into. 
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5 stars
So good !! I have made these so many times now and they are delicious
5 stars
This was a very simple recipe to follow (much appreciated), and your entire family will want you to make them more often. Goes great with mushroom swiss burgers I made last night. I also topped mine with parsely flakes.
5 stars
This really is the best potato wedge recipe. My kids had multiple servings when I made them and they’ve asked me to make them again. They are not big potato eaters outside of fast food french fries.
That’s great to hear they loved them! 🙂
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