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Barcelona have a variety of talented forwards available to them currently, and it is no surprise that the lack of minutes to go round is pushing one towards the exit.
Ez Abde has in fact been used more often than the likes of Ferran Torres and Ansu Fati this summer, but has always been the most open to leaving if he feels that he is not likely to get regular minutes this season.
According to Sport, Abde was highly frustrated that he did not see game time against Villarreal at the weekend, and has decided he will now leave. He is keen to depart on loan, with the likes of Osasuna, Real Betis and Sevilla all interested in being his destination, as per multiple reports.
🚨 Loan offers from La Liga for Ez Abde are being considered. @HelenaCondis
— barcacentre (@barcacentre) August 29, 2023
Bayer Leverkusen have also been linked with a move for Abde, but it appears the Moroccan winger would rather remain in Spain, which may put paid to interest from Aston Villa too. A Saudi Arabian side has also put in a bid of €15-20m, but that was rejected by Abde.
🚨 Barça have received an offer from Saudi Arabia for Ez Abde, worth between €15m-€20m. Abde has REJECTED it. @JijantesFC
— barcacentre (@barcacentre) August 29, 2023
As per their earlier reports, Sport say that Barcelona would accept an offer of aorund €20m, and would prefer to make a sale in order to ease their cash flow problems. That would require Abde to depart abroad in all likelihood though.
Were Abde to depart at that price, it would be another departure at well below market value for one of the most talented forwards in Europe. Particularly if those funds were to be used for a season-long loan of Joao Felix, as some have suggested, then it would raise serious questions about how susta¡nably Barcelona are being managed.
Not sure you can criticize the way the club are being managed, unless you’re at the training sessions and are evaluating his performances with the same knowledge as the folks with the most to gain by him being on the pitch.
He’s a talented young player and it would be great to keep him around, but if he insists that he wants to leave because he thinks he’s better than the training staff think he is at this stage of his career, then maybe he should go where he can get more playing time. Nothing against Abde, but Xavi has shown repeatedly that he will play someone regardless of age or experience if the player shows him he can do what he’s supposed to on the pitch.
I totally disagree with you i do blame the club and also xavi and dont blame abde at all for wanting out and wanting to go to a club that really does appreciates him,xavi gerned non stop to both deco and alemany not to be listening to offers for abde because he wanted to keep him and kept telling the press and everyone else that he was in his plans which we all know is utter bullshit,what has xavi done since the season started ? he has played as many midfielders as he can get altogether in the same match playing gavi a midfielder lol in abdes lw position,also stubborn ass xavi had 5 substitutes available to use and what does he do he uses just 4 and keeps abde stuck on the bench not even getting on at all to try and prove his manager wrong.
I mean, I respect your viewpoint, but Xavi sees him every day in training and knows what he’s looking for. I’m sure he’d love to have a winger on that side he can count on, but apparently he doesn’t because Balde and Gavi are the preferred choices on that side when the team have the ball. I don’t think you can compare his situation with Ferran’s, either. Ferran arrived from a much bigger club and is a much more experienced player than Abde. Ferran’s main problem wasn’t doing the right things at both ends of the pitch last season; his main problem was finishing chances.
Abde wasn’t even a starter at Osasuna last season. To expect him to start right out of the gate at Barca might be (to me, anyway) a little unrealistic. But again, I respect your opinion. Maybe we just can agree to disagree.
I also respect your opinion and viewpoint if everyone in the world had the exact same opinions and views it would be a very boring world right lol i just have a completely different take, perception,outlook,view and opinion of xavi to what you obviously have and thats ok like you say agree to disagree.
Thanks, Sam. Always good to be able to discuss things with you like an adult, even if we’re not on he same page.
Also last year xavi continuously played ferran torres even though he was performing terribly,this season ferran torres is on fire scoring goals for fun yet stubborn ass xavi persists on starting and never subbing lewandowski and hardly giving ferran torres a look in lmfao.
Xavi baffles me tbh and makes my head hurt.
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