FIFA to press for 15 year suspension of RFEF President Luis Rubiales – Football Espana

Suspended President of the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) Luis Rubiales has already been handed a three-month ban, but he could be facing an historic period out of the game if FIFA get their way.
FIFA temporarily suspended Rubiales from duties on Saturday, after Rubiales decided against resigning at the RFEF General Assembly on Friday, instead stating that false feminism was responsible for the backlash against him, and threatening to sue Jenni Hermoso, who he kissed without consent.
Football’s governing body will look for a much lengthier ban though. The Mail via Cadena Cope report that FIFA will lobby for a 15-year ban for Rubiales, as the case proceeds through the Spanish legal system. The High Committee for Sport (CSD), a branch of the Ministry for Sport in Spain, have elevated a formal complaint to the Sports Tribunal (TAD). They will now decide whether the case corresponds to a serious or a very serious infraction, and whether to open a disciplinary case against Rubiales.
In the case of the latter, Rubiales is exposed to a suspension between 2 and 15 years, with FIFA encouraging that Rubiales sees the maximum punishment. TAD are currently deciding how the case should proceed, having asked for more documentation on the matter as of Monday evening, which the CSD’s Victor Francos confirmed.
The current of public opinion is strongly against Rubiales in Spain, but the response of TAD has been somewhat slower. In the meantime the RFEF have also requested the immediate resignation of Rubiales, but it looks as if he has no intention of stepping down. It appears that he will have to be removed by force rather than of his own volition.
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