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In another surprising turn on ABC reality competition Claim to Fame, Monday's episode saw the forced exit of Hugo after he incorrectly guessed Chris' famous relative as Elton John. The eliminated player revealed himself as Hugo Wentzel, the grandson of former U.S. President Jimmy Carter, and gave a moving speech about his grandfather.
Wentzel, the son of Amy Carter, spoke with EW following his elimination and shared health updates on his 98-year-old grandfather, who decided in February to receive home hospice care, as well as his grandmother, former first lady Rosalynn Carter, whose dementia diagnosis at 95 was announced in May.
"He always wants to be doing something with his mind, so he's trying to keep himself busy, but he is really sick and getting older," the 24-year-old tells EW of Carter, who served as president from January 1977 to January 1981.
Read on for EW's exit interview with Claim to Fame's Hugo, who also reveals his reaction to players thinking he could be related to a very different POTUS, Donald Trump.
ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: You were really gunning to be the guesser only to guess wrong. What made you so confident that Chris was related to Elton John despite a clue saying it was someone from Utah?
HUGO WENTZEL: I think a big thing during the whole show was people trying to figure out who Chris was just because you could tell he was such a smart game player…. [There was Chris'] clue saying a man who wears colorful coats and performed with Elvis, and then on the clue wall, there was a tiny dancer, there was a sheet of music, and the piano and a bow tie with space stuff on it so I thought "Rocket Man." I totally did think it was Elton John. But I'm glad it happened. I think it's funny.
After your elimination, you gave a very moving speech about your grandfather, revealing to the group that he'd recently been put in hospice care. Have you been able to visit him since filming?
It's been harder and harder to see him. My mom spends a lot of her time with him. She spends almost half her time taking care of him at this point just because of things like COVID regulations. So it's really family oriented. I haven't been seeing him as much recently, but he knows that I love him and we're supporting him through this time.
How is he doing?
He's pretty sick. He still does use his brain. He listens to audiobooks. He's a genius. He's super smart. I love him. He always wants to be doing something with his mind, so he's trying to keep himself busy, but he is really sick and getting older.
It was also made public since the show that your grandmother, Rosalynn Carter, has been battling dementia. How is she doing?
I just want to say that she's an amazing woman. She's put in so much work in her life. She's done things for mental health. I want everyone to know how incredibly important and beautiful she is as a person and a grandma. Yeah, she does have dementia and when I see her, she does forget what's going on sometimes, but when she remembers it's amazing. I love her.
On last week's episode, Chris showed Gabriel your clue and they both thought you were related to a different president, Donald Trump, based on a symbol they interpreted as someone making a funny face. What were your thoughts seeing that? 
Yeah, I don't wanna be associated with Trump on this show. I did think it was really funny and I really liked watching it. And honestly, the funny face representing Trump is hilarious. But yeah, I want to stick with my grandpa for sure.
Have you ever met Trump? Do the families of former presidents socialize and swap stories?
I've met Hillary and Bill Clinton kind of recently. I haven't met Trump yet though, which is like, it's fine.
During the lie detector challenge, you said you had been interrogated before by friends, family, girlfriends. Can you elaborate?
I'm just a really energetic person. People wanna know what's going on with me. I'm just always doing something fun or doing an adventure and people just want to know more about it.
It was your correct guess that Carly was related to Tom Hanks that sent her home in episode 1, which led to her meltdown. She felt betrayed after sharing clues with you and said if any of them are right, she hopes you go home. Do you think she'll be satisfied with you going home on a wrong guess?
It's hard to say because I have actually texted Carly a little bit. I think we're closer now than we were on the show. When Carly was giving me clues before I guessed her, people in the house had already told me that the clues were wrong and they'd also given me some hints about Tom Hanks…. I didn't think that her clues helped me, but also it really did hurt to guess her. I do like her.
Who are you rooting for to win now that you are out?
I'm rooting for Gabriel to win. That's my boy. From the first day, we kind of bonded over things. He really protected me multiple times. When Cole was gonna guess [Karsyn's relative], Gabriel told me it wasn't Jeff Gordon. In the booth, he's like, "Goodbye, Cole. I'm protecting Hugo." He really held it down for me.
Claim to Fame airs Mondays at 10 p.m. ET/PT on ABC. See everyone who has been revealed so far.
This interview has been edited and condensed for length and clarity.
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