Maine-Ish Salmon Salad Rolls Recipe – Tasting Table

Lobster rolls have long been linked with New England, considering it is both the origin of the dish and its waters are the source of many delicious lobsters. Of course, it’s not always easy to find fresh lobster in the off-season, or if you live in a landlocked part of the country. Tasting Table recipe developer Jessica Case developed these Maine-ish salmon salad rolls with just that fact in mind, and they’ll satisfy your appetite for a creamy seafood treat without having to source the expensive crustacean delicacy.
Case refers to these as “a fun twist on classic New England lobster rolls” and an excellent example of a “summertime classic sandwich.” We’re not just talking basic salmon and mayo here. Case adds an assortment of simple ingredients that truly elevate this dish into a meal that is “tasty and full of flavor.” Enjoy the salad served on brioche buns for a result that is “light, crunchy, and incredibly scrumptious.”

For this recipe, you’ll need fresh salmon, olive oil, salt, black pepper, and plain low-fat Greek yogurt. “If you prefer mayonnaise, swap it for the Greek yogurt,” Case suggests. Next, finely chop some celery stalks, green onions, chives, and flat-leaf parsley. Cumin acts as a subtle background spice and “gives it a nice kick and earthy flavor,” as Case describes. Next, grab some lemon juice, melted butter, and hot dog buns — or brioche or Hawaiian buns if you prefer. Finally, be sure to have a bag of potato chips for the ultimate summer combination.

First off, preheat the oven to 400 F and line a baking dish with parchment paper. Lay the salmon on the paper, drizzle it with olive oil, and rub ¼ teaspoon each of salt and pepper over the surface. Cook the salmon for 25 minutes until it is opaque and cooked through. Then, let it cool down a bit and flake the meat off the skin using a fork. Transfer the flaked meat to a bowl and let this chill for at least 30 minutes to avoid curdling the yogurt.

Once the salmon is ready, get out a large bowl and add the yogurt, celery, green onions, chives, parsley, cumin, and lemon juice. Stir everything together and season with another ¼ teaspoon each of salt and pepper. Then, carefully fold in the flaked salmon, being sure not to overmix so it maintains a nice chunky consistency.

Brush the inside of the buns with melted butter and toast them in a skillet for about 30 seconds until they are golden brown. Then, distribute the salmon salad evenly among the 4 buns. Add some finely chopped chives on top to garnish these tasty salad-sandwiches.

Serve these delicious Maine-ish salmon salad rolls with potato chips, corn on the cob, or a salad, per Case’s suggestions. She also recommends sipping on “a nice cold beer or white wine” or, for a non-alcoholic option, some homemade lemonade.  “This is great for a summer evening BBQ with friends or family,” Case comments, and we couldn’t agree more. “You can make this the day before to save time or let it chill for a few hours before serving,” she adds, which is the perfect trick for stress-free hosting.


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