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To start, a couple of questions: Are Manchester United terrible? Are Manchester United good?
Are Manchester United too unstable? Are Manchester United unkillable?
Have Manchester United made any progress? Are they regressing from last season? Did they spend more than any team not named Chelsea in the transfer market and fail to improve?
Is Casemiro done as a world-class midfielder? Is Casemiro the most important player in the squad? Is Casemiro 31 years old?
What is happening with Mason Mount? Is he doing things you can’t understand?
Are these defenders good enough? Can you trust any of them?
Isn’t six points way more than they had at this point last season? Don’t they have a goalkeeper who can pass now? Aren’t a lot of players injured?
Didn’t they finally buy a striker? But isn’t he 19? And hasn’t he scored only nine total goals in a major European league? But isn’t the point more that he’s actually a striker? A living, breathing, moving, human body who understands what to do when the ball gets near the penalty box?
Isn’t Bruno Fernandes their new captain? How could anyone think it’s a good idea to make Bruno Fernandes a captain of anything? But maybe Bruno Fernandes is the perfect captain for this specific team? Is this team good? Is this team bad?
The answers to all of these questions are “yes,” and the answers to all of these questions are “no.”
Manchester United have entered their chaos era, and it’s unclear if they’ll be out of it any time soon.
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