Real Madrid first team player may be demoted to Castilla if no exit is found – Football Espana

Real Madrid are considering demoting one of their first team players to the third tier of Spanish football. Brazilian youngster Reinier Jesus remains without a clear plan for his future, and it could cost him six months dropping down two levels.
The 21-year-old spent last season on loan at Girona, and while he was not a starter, put in a number of good performances in Catalonia. It had been planned that Reinier would return to Girona again this season, but the loan of Pablo Torre from Barcelona has left him without a spot at Montilivi.
Since, there has been little to no news, with just three days left in the transfer window. Diario AS say that Reinier either must find an exit, or faces spending the first six months of the season back at Real Madrid Castilla, who are competing in the third tier of Spanish football.
The €30m-midfielder has demonstrated that he is more than good enough to play in La Liga in some capacity, and it would be a major waste of his talent to have him at Castilla. Equally, he would be obstructing the development of younger players at Castilla looking to make the next step. For all involved, finding a destination for him must be a priority in the coming days.
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