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Starfield release is just around the corner and the hype around Bethesda’s Xbox-exclusive title has been unreal. As Xbox owners are set to explore the sci-fi title, PlayStation fans can also join Xbox fans as Sony’s $200 device has a loophole that may result in PlayStation users playing Starfield and other Xbox titles.
Recently Sony announced a handheld gaming device called Project Q at PlayStation Showcase 2023 with some exciting features in the hardware. These features also gave way to a wild theory that PlayStation users think will result in them enjoying Xbox-exclusive releases including Bethesda’s Starfield.
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Looking at the speculations following Project Q, PlayStation finally introduced the gaming device called PlayStation Portal. The device allows remote access to the games that are available on users PlayStation with just a wireless connection, meaning that gamers will be able to enjoy the games they own wherever and whenever they want. It also brought up a theory that users will be able to play the upcoming Xbox title Starfield.
The PlayStation Portal runs on the Android operating system and Microsoft provides Xbox Game Pass under the Xbox Cloud Gaming policy to Android users. This may actually let gamers change the system to access the OS and they might load the Xbox program to enjoy Xbox games. Users could also very easily be able to download other cloud gaming platform APKs such as GeForce Now and Steam Link and since Xbox Game Pass has an Android app, there isn’t any cause why PS5 users wouldn’t be able to play Starfield.
Gamers can easily play games on their Xbox console using the Xbox app if they have subscribed for an Xbox Game Pass. But users could also play games on PlayStation Portal even if they do not have the Xbox software as they can use a browser and connect to the Xbox Cloud with ease and enjoy the sci-fi RPG.
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The new handheld PlayStation Portal features an 8-inch LCD screen and includes all the buttons and features that gamers enjoy in the PlayStation 5 DualSense wireless controller, and runs games with 1080p and 60fps with Wi-Fi connection. This is being seen as Sony’s competition to Switch and is expected to release priced at $200. Sony also announced a new Headset and Earbuds with the handheld that will be equipped with custom-designed magnetic drivers for an amazing sound experience.
This genius loophole might let PlayStation users enjoy Starfield however only time will tell if this theory could actually work or is just bogus. PlayStation Portal is expected to be released at the end of this year, however, no dates have been announced as of now.
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