Spain players to continue strike following new manager appointment – ‘insufficient’ – Football Espana

A notable portion of the 79 Spain players are set to continue their strike, as they demand changes to the women’s game in the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF). Following the kiss scandal involving suspended President Luis Rubiales, the players signed a statement alongside Jenni Hermoso declaring that they would not be available for selection until significant changes in the Federation.
Manager Jorge Vilda has been sacked by the RFEF, and replaced with his former Assistant Manager Montse Tome. Meanwhile Rubiales’ temporary suspension has seen Pedro Rocha take over as interim president.
However Cadena SER say that they will continue their strike as they do not believe the changes are sufficient to warrant their return, and Relevo say that although there is not a unanimous consensus amongst all 79, or indeed the 23 in the World Cup-winning squad, that remains the case for many of them.
A small group are excited about Tome’s appointment, but more feel that her being the continuity option is not the change they were demanded. Previously Vilda occupied the Sporting Director role, and there has been no-one appointed to that position. Equally Rocha, who has been making these decisions, was Rubiales’ vice-president beforehand, and was selected by him to be interim president. Overall, they feel the change has been superficial.
The situation will no doubt come to a head soon, with two matches against Sweden and Switzerland fast approaching and the squad to be announced next week. Next summer sees the Olympics take place in Paris too. With the eyes of the world watching, action will have to be taken, but the players have made it clear that while some individuals are propagators of the problems, the issue is not altogether about that, but standards. All of the people in charge have clearly seen the previous standards as acceptable.
They sacked the coach who guided them to winning the World Cup. How is this rational? They should play without a coach.
15 first team players were on strike since January this year. Not everyone is fool. There has been something not good with the coach. You need to listen their side of the story as well.
Let them strike. See how much they last. Ungrateful people.
Do you reason at all ? If a coach wins world cup, is it a criteria to inculcate sexual abuse,”immoral” ideas in the team ?. Please note this is Europe where law operates and where humans have value, where rational works. Not a society where aggression and tribal sentiment is used to access issues. Where failures and disadvantaged criticizes judiciary.
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